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Accounting is a subject which is also called the language of business. It is an act of collecting, managing, and deducing financial data.  Accounting has many subfields, namely, financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, inventory, and accounting information systems. Financial accounting is focused on reporting the financial information of an association to the external users like investors, suppliers, and regulators. It computes and verifies the transaction of businesses and also prepares financial statements for the external users only. It is done in accordance with generally accepted accounting ethics. Management accounting is focused on the measurement, investigation, and reporting data which can assist the supervisors in making verdicts to accomplish the objectives of an association. The internal measurements and reports are solely based on the cost-benefit investigation. Auditing is the authentication of declarations made by other organizations. Accounting information systems is a component of an association’s information system which is focused on processing accounting information. ERP systems are generally used for big associations and it delivers a detailed, centralized and integrated resource of data which can be managed by companies for various business processes. Accounting information systems have decreased the cost of collecting, storing, and reporting the executive accounting information.
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