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A writing piece that captures the writer’s personal perspective is termed as an essay. The essays are non-fictional however, subjective and often narrative. Just like the novel an essay is an excellent literary device that helps the writers say anything about any subject or topic. An essay in the traditional definition is a short piece of writing which makes it impossible for the writer to summarize the important facts and opinions under the word limit, however, collections of essays is an answer to that problem. Other than in the academic world, essays can be spotted all around like in the form of visual art, where it is present in the preliminary drawings and sketches on which the complete painting is to be constructed. The essay can be found in the scripts written for movies or documentaries or even in the lyrics of the music. The most interesting place where the essay can be found is in the photography department where through a series of photographs, the photographer attempts to present the cover story of the photography sessions. “To attempt or try” is basically what an essay is all about, according to the French word “essayer” from which it originated. A professional essay writer is called an essayist.

In essay writing, the problems that the student faces is mainly in the researching and understanding area of the topic. The students do not plan before divulging into the final writing part. Creation of an outline of the essay topic is essential if the students do not want to diverse from the point which they almost end up doing every time. Exaggeration of the points makes the writer of the essay come across as someone who does not have complete knowledge of the subject and that ultimately leads to the acquisition of the poor grades. The absence of proofreading and the failure of writing in the concise phrase is another challenge that the students face.

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