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Assignments are the set of tasks which are handed over to the students by their professors to be finished outside the classroom. If a student wants his/her assignment to serve its objective, then it must be purposive. It is the supreme duty of the teachers to make sure that all the assignments that they allot to the students are vital and meaningful. There are various functions of an assignment. Those are as follows:

  • Assignments set the objective or direction of the learning chore. The students are supposed to be aware of what their learning chore is all about. The task assigned to them must be definitive, clear, and purposive.
  • Assignments also stimulate rational and ingenious thinking into a learner. They are a good chance to cultivate necessary skills.
  • It also encourages the students and prepares them for the learning task that they need to finish. The preparation comprises of the background, difficulty level of the activity, and the benefits of completing an assignment.
  • Students can recall their former lessons and can perform well in their tests.
  • It also helps in providing directions and other necessities for the learning activity. It will help the students in finding resources and in following correct steps and procedures.

Completing an assignment is a very menacing task for the students. Following are some adversities which a student encounters while composing an assignment:

  • Students often make mistakes in selecting the format of their assignment. Sticking to the Times New Roman and 12 point font is always advisable.
  • If an assignment is filled with flaws, it will never impress the teachers. Thus, students should make sure that they proofread their assignments twice before submitting it to the teachers.
  • Some students do not know the solutions to the questions of their assignments and hence they face problems in the completion process of the assignments.

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