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Coursework is a type of work assigned to and completed by students within a given period of time, which is evaluated as a comprehensive part of an educational course. It can be a written or oral work that is evaluated to add up to a student’s overall performance. It has its own place in assessing student’s progress. It can be a useful way of presenting what students can do, where an examination or other work will not be suitable, it allows them to study a topic or particular subject in more depth. It allows them to take responsibility for what they study. It can be essays, research papers, short stories, articles, dissertations, thesis etc. A coursework is incomplete without a good introduction, body stanzas, and a conclusion. The introduction of a coursework should provide the brief overview of the subject or topic on which the coursework is assigned, whereas conclusion should be given in the form of student’s argument that they have given to prove something. The introduction should have a proper thesis statement. Coursework proves to be the great discovery in student’s academic career because they will get overall grades on the basis of their coursework writing.
For many students, completing this type of coursework is not easy. They find it as a difficult task to complete their coursework paper within the targeted time. Some students don’t have enough time to complete their work because of lesser resources; they are not able to support their argument with suitable evidence. Some have a problem with their knowledge and skills. Sometimes, they fail to provide a suitable thesis statement, which is an integral part of the coursework. Many students fail to understand the topic and they end up with uninteresting content which leads to poor performance and grades.
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