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Essays are an academic piece of writing which provides the writer’s own argument. Essays are nonfictional; it can be political manifestos, literary criticism, observations of daily life and reflections of the writer. Essays have been traditionally categorized into formal and informal essays. Formal essays are short, an impersonal composition in fiction. It is specifically used for the discussion of thoughts; the main purpose is to inform the readers. The Informal essay is usually much more personal. They are written specifically for enjoyment. It includes personal experience, religious beliefs or controversial issues etc. Drafting an academic essay is equivalent to shaping a comprehensible set of concepts into an argument. Structuring an essay successfully simply means to hook reader’s attention. The focus of an essay will envisage its structure. When a writer writes an essay, they learn to express their thoughts, point of views in a logical manner and also develop their writing skills. Essays are linear- it offers one idea at a time, it should present ideas in an order that makes sense to readers.  Students deal with four major types of essays like narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays. Essay writing plays a major role in the academic life of the students. Students find various difficulties in essay writing; they fail to give enough description about a topic, they don’t know how to draft their essay, they usually use too many direct quotes and inappropriate languages which automatically lead to poor grades. They lack in knowledge and skills and do not provide sufficient material to support their arguments. Some students fail to make an assembly between the topic statements and the thesis statement in the essay writing; and sometimes, they miss to cite the sources appropriately. Some students are struggling due to writing standards suggested by the professors while some are suffering due to language problems. Our website provides an assistance of custom essay writing service to the students who are struggling because of their writing skills. Our high skilled writers provide you the best custom essay that will be written from the scratch. We hire only the best-qualified writers who can work according to the customer’s instructions. Our writers and editors offer free proofreading service; they recheck the entire essay before delivery to avoid any errors. Their only aim is to provide best essays by putting all their knowledge and skills into its construction. Our service is aimed to meet your academic needs. Our writers assure our customers that the content they will get will be authentic and free of plagiarism. Our talented writers are deeply involved in the custom essay writing and provide you with the best quality. Our main purpose is to solve your problems on time and help you to improve your knowledge at affordable prices. You are welcome to ask any questions and share your valuable feedback with us on our websites. Our essay writers can be hired through our website.  We can ensure that our writers can reach the expectation level of the customers, to use our services you can place an order via mail with the necessary details.