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A dissertation is the elongated form of essay writing which is considered to be the toughest in academia. The dissertation papers are often published in the academic journals if the content and the conclusion provided is unique and exceptional. The research work that the dissertation comprises of is conducted independently by the student to present his personal take on the subject. The average research paper ranges from 5 to 10 pages, however, a dissertation consists of 200 or 250 pages. The student before writing the final draft of the dissertation has to write a dissertation proposal which has to be approved by the dissertation examining committee. The choice of the dissertation topic is up to the student which has only one requirement that the topic is related to the degree that the student wants to obtain. The topic needs to be thoroughly explored for the student to come up with relevant, valid, and accurate sources of information and points to support the topic of the dissertation. The dissertation comprises of multiple points that the writer has to prove in order to certify the specific stance that he/she wants to take. A dissertation is an opportunity for the students to provide new insights to the issue or subject.
The students are more familiar with the essay writing concepts rather than with dissertation writing. Therefore, for them, the dissertation is an essay in which the points have to be exaggerated. This is where the students make the first mistake of not researching and end up elaborating the knowledge they have on the subject, which is ultimately common to all. The grammatical mistakes and improper citation of the sources are other downfalls to the dissertation. The inability to analyze the points from a neutral stance is another challenge because the students, to get their opinions right, overlook the points that prove their perspective otherwise.
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