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A dissertation is a type of academic paper which is presented as the concluding project for a master’s level degree. It represents pupil’s research towards a doctorate degree. Students should abide by the following structure while composing a dissertation:

  • Introduction: This part defines the research question or the research problem. Students should try to lay out proper reason in this part of the dissertation. The reasoning provided is called a hypothetical argument.
  • Literature review: Students should cite the literature that supports the theoretical argument being made in the dissertation.
  • Methodology: This section is all about the various methods that will be included in the research project. It comprises of participants, materials, technique, and analysis.
  • Results: Here the result of the analysis are included. It is typically in order by the research problem and any other result of the analysis. The results are always presented by excluding the interpretation.
  • Discussion: This section includes a summary, conclusions, limitations, and recommendations of a dissertation. The summary will discuss the outcomes in no -statistical terms. Here the students need to answer the problem of their research project. The conclusions will unambiguously discuss the insinuations of the outcomes. Recommendations are always provided for the future research work and they provide a precise guidance based on the dissertation.

Nowadays, students are encountering a lot of adversities in creating their dissertation or research project. A few of them are as follows:

  • Commencing the work on the dissertation is one of the toughest tasks. Students waste time when they are allocated their work. They should make sure that they start researching on their project and write a little on a daily basis.
  • Another perilous thing about writing a dissertation is forming a relevant thesis statement.
  • Students fail in maintaining a balance between their personal life and work. Also, some student’s starts earning at a young age and thus they are not able to compose a good dissertation.

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