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Homework in the academic world dates back to the invention of teaching and learning process initiated by the “Gurus” in India. Homework in the ancient times was usually about revising the taught lessons and practicing the skills and to this day nothing much has changed in that procedure. The teachers give homework to the students with the aim to get them to keep in touch with the studies even after the school hours so that the next day, the teacher can pick the lesson from where it was left the previous day. Homework encourages and urges the students to acquire dictionaries and other grammar texts to understand the text completely. The task of homework is mainly helpful in keeping the repetitive tasks related to the subject outside the classroom. The parents via homework have the opportunity to participate and help their children in the educational field along with monitoring their progress in studies. Homework in the students’ life is unavoidable as it helps in developing their independent learning and problem-solving skills. It is also an excellent tool to evaluate the academic performance of the student and can also help them in gaining extra grades for punctual submissions. However, to maintain the interest of the students in homework, it should be relevant, intriguing, and challenging. The students who are not attentive in the classroom or tend to skip school and college encounter major difficulties in completing the homework without any professional assistance. Homework to students is nothing but the elaborated class work that they did the same day and that’s the most important reason behind the question “why students run away from homework?” and the spelling errors accompanied by the tendency to copy the homework from one another robs the uniqueness out of the assigned work. The students often do not take down the notes given in class and have no other choice but to deliver the homework that is incomplete. Students and homework are inseparable in the academic world; therefore, our homework helpers are present to assist the students who need guidance in completing the daily academic chores. In order to hire our tutors, the customers have to submit the order form or e-mail the order details. Our tutors are very punctual and experts who hold masters’ and Ph.D. degrees accredited to renowned universities and that assures that the work delivered will be deprived of any silly errors. Our unique features are:

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