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A term paper is a tersely written, acknowledged paper of reasonable length. A pupil has to recognize, scrutinize, interpret, and draw deductions from the evidence and viewpoints of other people. Students should know the following steps whilst writing a term paper:

  • Choose the topic: Students should try to make the topic as innovative as it can be. Choosing something that they are interested in will make the writing part simpler.
  • Do proper research: It is pointless when a student writes a term paper on which he/she hasn’t done any research. Students should understand the background of the topic and consider the area of future research as well.
  • Refining the thesis statement: The thesis statement is the spine of all academic projects. It is that idea which the students will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs. Thus, it is noteworthy if a student builds a strong one.
  • Developing an outline: If a pupil sketches an outline of the term paper, it will help him/her in knowing where they are headed towards. It is a kind of a roadmap which will help in forming a framework.
  • Introductory paragraph: A pupil must ensure that he/she is succinct, clear, and follows a straightforward approach in its term paper.
  • Convince the reader with the body paragraphs and conclusion: It is very important that the pupil does not drift away from the topic. At last, wrapping a term paper with relevant information is important.

At the present time, students fail in composing the term paper that they desire. Some common mistake that a student makes while writing a term paper:

  • Defective organization: Students tend to compose a poorly organized paper. This is because they procrastinate their work and fail in planning it adequately.
  • Non-existent transitions: Their paragraphs lack an overall flow and they do not have an association with each other.
  • Fail to support the thesis: Students fail to compose a term paper which explores a problem, question or an issue. Stating a thesis and building an argument to support the thesis statement is very important.

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